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What qualities should a fully automatic CNC lathe operator have?

2021-11-12 09:53:49

1. When debugging the program of the precision CNC lathe, the G00 speed selection switch must be turned on the F0 gear, so that the tool approaches the workpiece at a slower speed, otherwise, once the tool deviation is wrong, the tool moves extremely fast from the tool change point in G00 mode When it reaches the feed point, there may be a strong collision with the workpiece, making the operator at a loss, and it is too late to eliminate the danger; on the contrary, when the tool is approached at a slow speed, even if the tool deviation is wrong, the operator has plenty of time to make adjustments. .

2. When debugging the program, the automatic CNC lathe must be in a single-step execution state. After executing the previous block, the operator must check the correctness and rationality of the next block again, and make adjustments accordingly.

3. During the movement, the operator must always observe the change of the tool coordinates on the screen and whether the coordinates of the movement end point in the program are consistent with the coordinates of the actual movement of the tool.

4. During the debugging of the automatic CNC lathe program, the operator can put one finger on the cycle start button and the other finger next to the cycle hold button, so that the program execution can be stopped in time in an emergency. Always remember the location of the emergency button in case you need it. When starting the machine tool, it is generally necessary to set the reference point of the economical CNC lathe. The workpiece coordinate system of the machine tool should be consistent with the programming coordinate system. If there is an error, the possibility of collision between the turning tool and the workpiece is high. In addition, the tool length compensation must be set correctly, otherwise, either an empty machining or a collision occurs.

What qualities should a fully automatic CNC lathe operator have?

1. Professional ethics and hard work 2. Proficiency in various operations and programming. Be able to correctly and proficiently perform various operations on the CNC machine tools that you are responsible for, and be proficient in programming methods, and be able to compile correct and optimized machining programs to avoid machine failures caused by collisions caused by operational errors or programming errors. 3. In-depth understanding of the characteristics of the machine tool and master the operation rules of the machine tool. Have a deep understanding of the characteristics of the machine tool, and be able to explore and grasp the running conditions and certain laws, and can correctly and skillfully complete the daily maintenance and maintenance work that the operator is responsible for, so as to maintain the machine tool in good condition. 4. Familiar with the operating procedures and the content of maintenance and inspection. You should be familiar with the basic operating rules and safety operating rules of this machine tool, the content of daily maintenance and inspection, the standards achieved, the specific parts and requirements for maintenance and lubrication, and the oil (grease) grades and substitute oils (grease) used by this machine tool. Normal pressure for grades, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. 5. Seriously handle and make records. The abnormal situations and symptoms found in the operation can be carefully handled and recorded. Once a fault occurs, it must be dealt with in a timely manner and repaired as soon as possible. Work together to diagnose and repair machine tool failures.



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