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Requirements for fixtures in CNC lathe processing

2021-11-17 10:42:19

The working principle of CNC lathe processing parts is to use some high-precision and high-efficiency machine tools to control the movement of parts and tools with the help of digital information, and CNC machining to produce some industrially used parts, such as electronic cigarette accessories, lighting accessories, etc. . Electronic parts and other hardware processing, the appearance of these mechanical parts is also a complex structure, so with the help of CNC lathe processing can produce some parts with good precision to meet the production needs of these industries. The fixture is a part of the CNC machine tool. Next, let's take a look at the requirements of CNC lathe processing and fixture.

1. The CNC machining clamping mechanism or other components shall not affect the feed, and the machining parts shall be opened. It is required that some components such as fixtures cannot interfere with the tool path after clamping the workpiece.

2. to ensure that there will be no deformation after clamping.

3. Easy loading and unloading, short auxiliary time.

4. it can be considered to clamp several workpieces at the same time for CNC lathe processing.

5. the fixture structure should be as simple as possible.

6. the fixture should facilitate the positioning connection between the machine tool table and the workpiece positioning surface.


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